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SysMan Solutions (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1992. SysMan is specialized in Customized Software Development and off the shelf ready Accounting, Inventory and POS Applications. SysMan Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has numerous local clients. SysMan has highly qualified and experienced technical staff including senior developers and customer support staff.


Software Development

We have an extensive in-house knowledge of .NET & PHP programming languages and components of software development. This enables us to deliver high quality designs and implementations of customized software solutions.  We focus on business knowledge, as the core for developing end-to-end customized software solutions. Our business analysts are trained to capture the explicit and implicit need of the business and convert it into innovative and viable IT solutions. Customized Software Development is one of our core strengths.

Cloud Computing

SysMan holds extensive experience and expertise in Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration and Cloud Data Center Management. Our Cloud Solutions are based on your specific business goals and technology needs ensuring security, agility and flexibility.

SysMan provides flexible packages of Cloud Data Center Management with data security & reliability


SysMan Cloud ERP

A completely integrated ERP and manufacturing, trading and services system to help you run your business better.

SysMan provides manufacturers the best choice for…

SysMan Cloud POS

POS integrated with FBR portal

SysMan Cloud POS is specially designed for garments stores. The standard modules are Point of Sales, Inventory, Accounts…

SysMan Cloud ERP for Real Estate

Real Estate Cloud ERP integrated with Financials and Inventory

SysMan ERP for Real Estate business is developed for Construction Business. This software covers …

SysMan Yarn Trading Software

Yarn Trading software with Financial Accounting

SysMan Yarn Trading software is a comprehensive Accounting and Inventory Software for Yarn Traders. user can make three types…

SysMan Smart Accountant

Small Business ERP

Choosing the right ERP solution for your start up or small business whether you are a small business or a start-up trading company, you are probably using a system of basic…

SysMan Smart POS

POS for Small Business

SysMan Smart POS is a right solution for small retail business. If you are running your small retail business without any software, it will be great fatigue…

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Driving technology for leading brands


Driving technology for leading brands

SysMan launched upgraded versions of all Cloud ERP modules.


SysMan launched Real Estate Cloud ERP with booking module integrated with Financials and Inventory.


SysMan launched Cloud ERP – POS modules integrated with FBR portal.


SysMan launched upgraded Cloud ERP with comprehensive trading, manufacturing and services features.


SysMan launched a comprehensive Cloud ERP with basic modules.


SysMan got a contract from a large Real Estate company to develop a comprehensive software for construction and booking of their projects.


SysMan started development on web base applications and migrated some applications on Microsoft .Net Platform

SysMan received many inquiries to develop a comprehensive ERP solution for small & medium size organizations. SysMan started development according to the market requirement and finally, launched two products. Smart Accountant & Smart Pos for small retail houses.


SysMan launch POS ERP to capture retail industry.


SysMan moved their all-previous applications and also developed new applications including comprehensive ERP on Microsoft Windows platform and used latest technologies to upgrade application front end and migrated to SQL Server databases.


SysMan got a contract from United Bank Limited in year 2000 for Y2K compliance of their in-house developed applications.


SysMan started development on Windows Applications after the popularity of Windows 3.1 OS


SysMan got a contract from State Bank of Pakistan to computerize their Medical Services Department and Agricultural departments. SysMan successfully developed and implemented these applications. These great achievements helped Sysman to get good market share.


SysMan developed ERP and implemented in different industries i.e. Textile, Engineering, Importer & Exporters and Yarn Merchants.


SysMan developed comprehensive basic accounting module General Ledger, Purchase, Sales and Inventory modules for small & medium size organizations.

SysMan got a contract from the Citi Bank NA to develop in house applications for their internal departments. SysMan provided IT services to Citibank for almost 10 years and and developed many in-house applications i.e. Business Segments Profitability Reports System (BSMPR), Account Profitability Reports (APR), Financial Reporting Analysis (FRA) for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reporting to State Bank of Pakistan, Credit Information System. (CIS)

SysMan Solutions founded with the vision to provide good quality IT services including Software Development & Training to Local & Overseas clients.

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