SysMan Cloud ERP

A completely integrated ERP and manufacturing, trading and services system to help you run your business better

SysMan provides manufacturers the best choice for reliable, real-time Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed especially for manufacturing, trading and service provider companies. Whether you are a small, single plant manufacturer or a large multi-plant, global manufacturer or has a trading or Services company, SysMan has a specific ERP solution to fit your needs.


Financial Application:

General Ledger: Track financial transactions and maintain the overall financial health of the organization. Accounts Payable and Receivable: Manage payments to vendors and receipts from customers.

Fixed Assets:

Asset Tracking: Monitor and manage the lifecycle of fixed assets, including depreciation calculations.

Purchase & Procurement:

Procurement Management: Streamline the procurement process from requisition to purchase order. Vendor Management: Maintain information about vendors, track performance, and manage relationships.

Sales Ordering:

Order Processing: Automate the sales order processing workflow for efficient order fulfillment. Customer Management: Manage customer information, orders, and interactions.

Supply Chain:

End-to-End Visibility: Provide real-time visibility into the entire supply chain for better decision-making. Demand Forecasting: Utilize data to predict demand and optimize inventory levels.


Inventory Management: Optimize stock levels, track movements, and reduce the risk of stockouts or overstock. Warehouse Management: Efficiently manage warehouse operations, including picking, packing, and shipping.


Production Planning: Plan and schedule production processes to meet demand and optimize resources. Quality Control: Implement quality checks throughout the production process.


Financial Planning: Facilitate budget creation, tracking, and analysis for various departments and projects.

Human Resource & Payroll:

Employee Information Management: Maintain comprehensive employee records. Payroll Processing: Calculate and manage employee salaries, taxes, and deductions.


Integration and Centralized Data:

Holistic View: Provide a centralized platform for all business processes, fostering better decision-making through a holistic view of the organization.

Efficiency and Automation:

Workflow Automation: Streamline business processes, reduce manual errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Data Accuracy and Consistency:

Data Integrity: Ensure accurate and consistent data across all modules, eliminating data silos.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics:

Dashboards and Reports: Enable users to make informed decisions with real-time data, customizable dashboards, and detailed reports.


Adaptability: Scale the ERP system to accommodate the growing needs of the organization.

Mobile Accessibility:

Remote Work Support: Allow users to access and manage ERP functionalities from anywhere, supporting remote work.

Cost Savings:

Resource Optimization: Optimize resources, reduce inefficiencies, and potentially lower operational costs.

Compliance and Security:

Regulatory Compliance: Help the organization adhere to industry regulations and standards. Data Security: Ensure secure access and protection of sensitive business data.

Customer Support and Training:

Support Services: Provide customer support and training to ensure effective implementation and use of the ERP system.